$GUP Update

GUP has been scraping along my drawn support line while the 1 day and 4 hour RSIs reset. On those timeframes, we definitely look ready to pop off in a big way.


The 4 hour RSI is on the bottom and has started to curve up.


The 1 day RSI also looks phenomenal. It has been floored for several days and I think it’s unlikely that we don’t see a major jump pretty soon.

GUP has product launches on both the 18th and 22nd. We are approaching those dates quickly and the technical analysis for GUP has set us up for hopefully some great gains with GUP.

The only foreseeable scenario in which I see GUP going down in the short-term would be if we see a BTC bull run tomorrow, which is very possible. However, lately it seems as though alts actually pump with Bitcoin, so that could create a very interesting scenario. Either way, tomorrow I’ll be watching all my holdings closely as I think we will see some great price movement.

$GUP Update

GUP has been filling out this triangle exactly as I had predicted.


As expected, we bounced off of support. I have a feeling we will head down again to retest. If we break the support, I’ll be looking to unload what I have for a profit and buy in at a better entry. From here, I expect to see some upward price movement to meet the resistance again. In my opinion we will have a couple more days until we break out of this formation.

$GUP Update

After the big push up for GUP, it seems destined to come back to the bottom and bounce off support. gup4hr

The 4 hour RSI has crossed and begin to descend. If we see GUP take a rather gradual fall to support and the 4 hour RSI is able to reset with GUP only going down halfway through the triangle, we are looking great. Otherwise, we will touch on support again and continue to fill out this triangle and hopefully break upwards on the back of news coming this month. Still watching GUP, but I’m fairly confident holding this one for a week or more at this point.

$GUP Update

GUP had a great morning and I am up more than 20% from my reentry. I feel good about GUP going forward because it has two product releases coming up and hasn’t fully completed it’s cycle as a lot of the other coins have really shot up in the past few days. What I expect is for us to continue to fill out this triangle and eventually break resistance upwards. It is very possible that GUP could break the triangle now, but in my opinion it needs to cool off for a bit. If you haven’t entered, I think the next dip would likely be to .000085 BTC but a very safe entry would be more like .000077 BTC. I will keep you updated on GUP as things progress.


$GUP Reentry

I called my exit from GUP before the market movement last night. I was able to get out with a slight profit. At that time, I made it known that I would be looking for a better reentry because I think this coin is bullish long term. Last night, I reentered GUP. I was able to get one entry at .0000715 BTC and another at .000074 BTC. Here’s a chart: gup4hr.png

The 4 hour RSI is way oversold and although we dropped below support last night briefly, we got a great bounce and I think that the upper support is still intact. I will obviously adjust as time goes on and things change, but for now I’m comfortable holding GUP until their two product launches later this month. If we break below .000074 BTC, I will be selling off my higher entry to get in at a lower price once again.

$GUP Update

GUP  had a rather boring day, but it has given the RSIs a chance to cool off and find a little support. Both RSIs are nearing the bottom. We aren’t near an established support, but I already have my bags filled. If we drop to a support, I will definitely be adding more. Catalysts coming towards the middle/end of the month.


$GUP Update

Last night, GUP fell out of our little rising channel. On the 4 hour chart, it looks like it could definitely drop down to a lower support. On these dips, I’ll definitely be adding more when I can. I think the GUP price has a lot of potential and it’s only a matter of time until people start buying in anticipation of the news late this month. gup4hr.png

Holding this coin and buying on dips. Thanks for reading!

$GUP Update

GUP is also suffering from today’s alt bloodbath. Fortunately for this coin, it has big catalysts this month, so I’m comfortable holding through this. When we broke support, I dumped most of my GUP at a little under breakeven to gain a better position (tweeted this). I rebought at .000074 BTC and am now watching closely in case I need to cut it lose for today.

Stay strong, people. This is completely normal and is likely to happen a few times a month whenever BTC goes on a run. We’re not going to always have winning trades but what I can promise you is that our wins will be more often and larger than our losses.

Will update GUP on twitter tonight and if anything big happens, I’ll make a post on it.

$GUP Update

Yesterday I called an entry for GUP at a price of .000089 BTC. I said that I was going lighter than normal because of a possible drop to the second support line. Guess what happened?gup1hr

After a brief bounce on the first support, BTC’s bull run caused us to go to the second, more established support. That had a pretty good bounce but met resistance at our old support. I filled orders at .00008 to average out my entry to .000084, which means I am roughly 2.5% down on this trade so far. GUP has several events this month and I am not nervous at all holding this coin for the mid-term. If we break this support due to a continued BTC bull run, I will dump it at a slight loss and reenter at a better price.

$GUP Entry

Hello friends. Tonight I am entering Matchpool (GUP). GUP has a couple product releases this month and the TA is lining up well. It is also being shilled pretty actively on Twitter. Here is the 1 hour chart:


As you can see, we are resting on a potential support. The 1 hour RSI is near the floor. If we fall through this support, I will keep my position and add more on the lower, more established support. Because I am unsure if we will see an immediate bounce, I am going lighter into this trade than I usually do in case I need to add more on a decrease.

Here’s the 4 hour chart:


As you can see, the 4 hour RSI is also near-floored.

My first GUP entry is .000089 BTC. If we break support, my second entry will be .000080 BTC.