Coin of the Day: XORN

Today’s Coin of the Day is XORN. XORN at the moment is a masternode/POS coin with a great development team. They are working towards building a trading platform. As we all know, the tokens of good trading platforms can see massive gains due to their rock solid use case and the constant buy demand that is put on the token.

Here’s a screenshot of their exchange in development. The UI looks very smooth and easy to use, and we think that the XORN development team will deliver by their stated deadline of Quarter 1 2019.

At the moment, they are working on exposure, with listings to CryptoBridge,, and Cryptopia all either completed or on the horizon. They also just recently established a partnership with Trittium. The team is professional, prompt, and skilled.

We picked this coin today because CoinFeature believes that trustworthy trading platforms are always in demand. XORN is helping to create infrastructure for budding cryptocurrency markets (yes, this is just the beginning) and innovation will always be valued in this community.

For the masternode investors interested in XORN, here are their stats from Masternodes.Online:

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.40.19 AM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 9.40.46 AM.png

Here are some important links for XORN:






Coin of the Day: GraphCoin

The Coin of the Day for August 8 is GraphCoin. GraphCoin is the coin that is going to power an online freelance platform that will connect companies to the professionals that they need. This type of infrastructure is badly needed in the crypto economy, and this strong of a use-case is badly needed in the masternode space. In the wild west of an already wild crypto, scam coins are all too common. The GRPH masternode has been providing a solid, safe investment for masternode owners and has been gaining in price for weeks now. They have a solid development team who are great at improving upon their concept, as evidenced by their new token, BEAM. GRPH also has a consistent marketing effort ongoing and the community has really latched on to it. We picked GraphCoin for the Coin of the Day because we believe that it has a bright future with solid fundamentals and a valid use-case. For the math-inclined, we’ll include some ROI information for the GRPH masternode.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 11.45.58 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 11.46.23 PM.png

Coin of the Day: POIX

Today’s Coin of the Day is POIX. POIX is a new project with a great development team and really solid road map. POIX is an anonymous cryptocurrency that can be mined and staked. 1,000 POIX will buy you a masternode, which helps ensure secure and fast transactions on the POIX network.

At the moment, POIX has a great desktop wallet and they are also developing a mobile phone wallet to enable you to make fast and secure transactions from wherever you are. This development ambition really shows how far ahead POIX is from the rest of the projects in their space. Having a devoted team with a clear direction is one of the things that really gives this project a lot of strength.

POIX has hinted at upcoming partnerships with a couple of different companies, and is still in the presale stage of development. We here at CoinFeature think that it’s a great time to start accumulation for this project. Let’s take a look at the roadmap:

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 2.10.18 AM.png

As you can see, there’s a lot of marketing and development activity coming up. This includes a listing to CryptoBridge,, and a huge marketing campaign. On the development side, they have testing for their mobile app already coming in September and the release shortly after. If they accomplish this, the POIX project will be very well positioned to make their masternode an extremely desirable asset in the coming months. They are conducting the presale right now in their Discord.

1 masternode in pre-sale costs .15 BTC.

2 masternodes in pre-sale costs .25 BTC.

All funds raised from the pre-sale will be used to get on exchanges.

Helpful POIX links:








Project of the Day: Printex


A complete ecosystem of printing solutions

Printex is the new generation of decentralized printing solutions for all your items. Nowadays, printing is at the heart of many daily needs. Companies and professionals are using it for advertising, trademark, merchandising, and so on. Individuals are using printing items during celebrations, parties, decoration and customizing useful things.
All the tools of our platform are designed to stimulate your creativity while designing your design or your trademark on some fabrics, banners, ceramics, or any other advertising materials. Everything is done to bring you inspiration in order to express the best side of yourself, and if you are lacking ideas, you can always rely on us.
Printing requires some material and some conceptual background work. We offer you a unique ready to use printing solution, with counselling, designing, production and payment tools for your prints on the material you chose for a fraction of the cost.
Furthermore, our innovative platform is available everywhere around the world, thanks to the unique association of one printing solution with the blockchain technology.

Printex, the cryptocurrency based on the blockchain

Our printing solution is linked to the cryptocurrency with the same name, based on the blockchain. Printex is both a payment method allowing to purchase some services, goods and investment shares. In fact, transactions on our platform are made with Printex coin. The high solicitations for available printing solution feed the exponential growth of the Printex network. The continuous development of our community is a warranty of the strength of our digital currency.
So, the more solicitations of ecological printing solutions there are, the more the investment in Printex products increase. This factor contributes to the increasing trend of the share. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, the possibility to invest directly by buying PTRX master nodes is one of the driving forces of the dynamic of this financial product.
Thanks to the blockchain, this cryptocurrency is independent from the centralized fiduciary system and is available all around the world. With any currencies, you can buy Printex coin to immediately make some secure and reliable operations on our platform and with our associates. Our mission is to offer you a unique product linking conception, design, production and funding of item printing through innovations.

How does it work?

Printex works both as a currency and as a traditional share. When you buy a PRTX master node with a good or a service, you are exchange your currencies for Printex coins. Each investment strengthens, expands and stabilise the cryptocurrency network. Also, the PRTX master node creates a daily added value, called ROI with the constant growth of the community. This added value is paid with Printex coins usable to buy goods and services on our platform or from our associates.

Investing in Printex

PTRX and ROI coins are cryptocurrency units secured by the Printex community and ecosystem. Its global network is a factor which democratizes the access to this cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency can be bought directly on our platform or through our associates, investors, experts or traders. You just need to get any currency to invest by buying directly coins or by buying indirectly Printex goods or services.

Some exclusive advantages

One concept, 2 platforms

Printex is an ecological printing solution gathering three complementary and separate platforms.

¬ The textile & goodies product platform (T-shirts, Sweat-shirts, linen, baby clothes, mug, covers, caps …)

¬ The 3D printing products platform.

Our goal is to provide you with the require tools and advices in order to created extraordinary products with some graphs and/or sample done beforehand. You can produce some prints on any kind of material and you can get delivery everywhere around the world.

Both an ecosystem and a cryptocurrency

Thanks to the blockchain, Printex coin is a secured and reliable digital currency based on the high and regular solicitation of printing solution from companies and individuals. Its advantage is :
¬ Generating significant revenues for the investors and the shareholders.
¬ Being a share with a huge and real ecological service market and printed goods,
¬ Being a decentralized cryptocurrency which avoid the transaction fees occurring between different currencies.
¬ Ensuring the safety, the rapidness and the flexibility of your transactions.
¬ Allowing to produce high quality prints on any material at a fraction of the cost.

A decentralized service near your home

Blockchain is even used while covering the orders. Each product order made on the Printex network is processed by our associate the nearest from your home. Even if you order on our main platform, your delivery is immediately handled by our best associate near your home.

Always here for you

For us, at Printex, the excellency of the service is as important as the quality of our products. That’s why our team exerts to work with our entire community. We are relying on our social networks to answer quickly any of your concerns. You just need to reach us on Twitter; Facebook, Bitcointalk, Discord, etc. All your comments are taken into account.

PRTX: An Announcement

I am happy to announce that I have joined the Printex team as a Marketing Manager. I am excited to join them on their journey to combine a viable business plan with the efficiency of blockchain technology. Blockchain has so many applications, and now it’s time for the apparel and screen-printing industries to take advantage. I will be publishing articles on the progress of development and other analysis, so stay tuned!

GRPH: A Brief Technical/Fundamental Analysis

As you know, GRPH is a project that I’m watching closely and am very bullish on in the masternode space. Whenever I really like a project and I am considering scaling in, I always check look at the chart and the order book. With GraphCoin, I really like what I see. The ask side of the order book is really thin and we seem to have found a really good price foundation.

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 4.45.06 PM

We look to be forming a little bit of a double bottom on the daily chart. On the right side of the chart you can see the volume spikes, indicating that people are liking this price and the buys are coming in. It’s clear that smart money has arrived with this project. Let’s take a look at the order book:

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 4.47.55 PM

You can see there that only $400 of buys would double the price of this coin. And that’s what I love about this project. It has so much upside and people know it. It’s clear by the volume as well as the order book. My recommendation is to place some buy orders and let them fill before this project takes off for real.

Even though right now, GRPH is a masternode coin, they have lots of developments coming up and they have a clear use case for their token. I’ve been able to see a sneak peak of the platform they are developing and having seen that, I’m really confident in my investment into this coin. This masternode has a great ROI and a great future.

Q&A With Aquila Project Developer Mark299

Yesterday I conducted a short interview with an Aquila project developer via Discord. Please enjoy!

Q: Has Aquila always had the mission of helping other projects in distress or was that goal something that was adopted after the founder departed?

A: Aquila was a project with a lot of promise. Many investors including the current admins invested in the project and were devastated to see the original developers leave the scene and make the coin worthless. This was not an isolated incident, during the same week we had several projects, witness the same fate. The thought that a block chain cryptocurrency technology which had the concept of open source and community driven could not be sustained when a single person left the scene was something we could not digest. This was the primary reason we wanted to do something about it. We strongly believed that the community could sustain and drive a project vision when like-minded people devoted their time and effort for a common cause. We started our own coin revival story, which is well known now and soon found many other projects asking for help; which led us to our vision of helping communities and driving a positive change in this space.



Q: Do you havea an estimated time for the release of your voting platform for masternode holders?

A: We are currently working on the development of the Aquila Community Platform (ACP). We will be very soon providing the community with early mockups and concept design. I anticipate the beta version of the platform to be ready within 4 – 6 weeks.



Q: What is the most immediate development goal for the Aquila team?

A: Apart from the ACP Platform we are also working on a secret platform, which will be a big surprise for our investors and the entire community. We want to keep this a closely guarded secret until we are well progressed with its development, as we see a huge potential. At this stage I can tell you that it would be a platform that potentially all people in the crypto space could make use off and not just in the masternode space, which means our exposure and demand for the platform will be much larger. Secondly the platform will also operate using AQX coins for any transactions.



Q: What kind of impact do you see Aquila having on the crypto community, specifically the masternode and proof-of-stake community?

A: We have heard of coin jaintor and the likes who have in the past seen the issue of many dead digital coins and found a way to clean the space. We on the other hand would not just mop a dead coin; but revive and help sustain such coins providing these communities their hopes back. If the community faces such prospects in the future, and still have a good use case and a strong community, help is available in the form of Aquila.



Q: What kind of resources will Aquila help to provide to projects in distress?

A: Each project is different and would require different type of support. Keeping this in mind our ACP platform will have a place where coins or communities that require support can submit an application. They will provide us details on their current situation. This will be evaluated by out team, and once the initial evaluation is done, a further meeting will be organised with the relevant members of the community; based on the output of these discussions the Aquila team will propose a support package that is suitable to the individual project situation. Aquila team will have resources that include Block chain experts, coding and programming developers, graphics designers, community managers, moderators, Marketing specialists, content writers, social media experts etc.


Aquila Project: The True Value

In my last post about Aquila (AQX), I emphasized the positive impact that the project could have on small cap crypto projects. But what gives holding the masternode value? Sure, we all want crypto to succeed, and we all want small projects to thrive and keep innovating. But for a lot of us, the driving force behind our involvement in crypto is to increase our wealth, whether it be crypto wealth or US dollar wealth. So while you may be supportive of Aquila, you might be asking yourself why the masternode has value. I have the answer for you.

We know that Aquila will be salvaging projects that have been abandoned and helping to give them the resources to succeed. In return, Aquila will be in possession of some of the tokens. As a masternode holder, you have access to privileged information. You know which projects are going to receive help and which ones aren’t. In fact, you help decide which ones they are. If Aquila is going to be helping out a project that you happen to like and want to invest in, this gives you an opportunity to obtain coins at extremely low prices before the revival of the project. We have all seen the impact that an active developer and marketing team can have on a small cap coin, so the possible financial benefits of being a masternode holder are huge, in addition to the great ROI of the project.

Finally, I want to talk about the masternode value itself. Aquila has a hands on approach to their business model and through their organized community takeovers, they will be meeting hundreds or thousands of masternode investors. The exposure gained just by grassroots communication is going to be huge. People who have been abandoned by developers are going to see the Aquila project and how professional, organized, active, and viable the project is and of course they’re going to want to buy the coin and get a masternode. This will put natural buying pressure on the market and drive up the price of a masternode.

AQX is the project in my masternode portfolio that I am most excited about by far. I’m expecting a great return on my investment and invaluable networking connections through our communication with other projects.

Aquila Project: The Biggest Community

Today, I want to talk about Aquila (AQX). I came across this project while screening Masternodes.Online for solid projects to invest in. Very rarely do I discover something that actually has a use case and growth potential, but Aquila has just that. Like many masternode projects, Aquila was once abandoned by the original development team. This is a really common occurrence in micro cap coins. Sometimes the developers grow bored, other times it’s a scam to steal the premine portion of the funds. Either way, it leaves investors confused, scared, and in many cases it deters people from continuing to invest in cryptocurrency and the technology that gets built in this space. Nobody can contest that overall, these types of projects are a detriment to the community and our image. What is up for debate is what we can do about it. That’s where Aquila comes in.

Like I said before, Aquila was once abandoned by the developers who created it. The community took over control of the project and it rose from the ashes to be where it is today. Aquila is now a community to help other communities. They identify projects that have promise, but need help coming back from developer abandonment or price destruction. When the Aquila platform is finished, projects in distress will be able to apply for support and Aquila masternode owners will be able to vote for which projects they want to help. Support from the Aquila team will come in the form of consulting, organization, funds, marketing, and development assistance. Aquila will take a cut of the new project premine and continue to guide the project along the right path.

Aquila knows how to revive a project that has true potential. Every person in the Aquila community knows what it’s like to be betrayed by a team. Instead of turning that into bitterness and discouragement, they have chosen to help other people in the same situation and to help cryptocurrency become more investable, trustworthy, and viable. The Aquila community truly is the biggest community because it includes so many other former communities, current communities, and future communities. I am really looking forward to seeing what the Aquila has in store for the future and how many good projects stay afloat because of their help.

You can purchase Aquila here:

You can join the Aquila Discord here:

You can learn about the Aquila masternode here:

GenesisX Masternode Review

Hello everyone! Today I want to take a look at XGS (GenesisX) and how it merits as an investment and project. A few days ago I became familiar with this coin and I must say that so far I am impressed. First, let’s go into what makes it a great masternode. As of current prices, here’s the ROI information:


It has a yearly ROI of nearly 1500% which puts you back in the black in just 26 days after you purchase your masternode. I know what you’re thinking, though. Yes, high ROI masternode coins tend to lose value very quickly. Let me explain why I believe that GenesisX is an exception to that generalization. Though the ROI on this masternode is very high and thus the circulating supply is increasing by the day, the order books have held fast with support. I believe this is because of the GenesisX team and how devoted they are to their project. They are not just a high ROI masternode coin with an absent developer team and no utility for their token. GenesisX is developing technology and their community fosters innovation. Their team is not anonymous. They are not cartoon characters. They are real business people with a real plan and real utility.

Not only do I think that XGS is a good investment from the get-go, I think it will be solid in the months to come. We are on a retracement from some very positive price action so if ever there was a time to BTFD, now seems to be it. It’s also getting hyped on social media quite a bit by notorious and reputable crypto investors. This is only an introduction to XGS and I will definitely have more articles in the future, but for now I really believe in this project, the team, and the community. If you are interested in the GenesisX project, feel free to check them out here: