CoinFeature.net is an online publication that features a new project every day as our “Coin of the Day”. We hope to give exposure to deserving projects that are underappreciated, under-funded, and underexposed. In the world of cryptocurrency and budding innovation, projects should be judged by their merit, viability, and use-case. Unfortunately, listing services and exchanges charge thousands of dollars for exposure. While this certainly stimulates the crypto economy and increases cash flow, it doesn’t assist projects that are viable but don’t have a vast marketing budget. Instead, it rewards coins that hosted bloated ICOs or took large premines. CoinFeature will be a haven for the forgotten. We will publish honest articles about projects who have been neglected or want to market their project, but don’t have limitless funds for it. For some projects, we take only a small fee to cover the labor of writing and researching for the article. For others, we will write for free. To begin the process of getting your coin featured, visit the Contact tab or reach out to us using the links below for Facebook and Twitter.

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