Coin of the Day: ScientificCoin

Today’s Coin of the Day is ScientificCoin. The SNcoin team is preparing a decentralized blockchain platform for scientific projects. This would provide a place to crowdfund scientific projects, studies, and experiments.

One of the most common themes in human history is scientific achievement. No matter what era we are in, we are always moving forward. As a result, the industry has become incredibly lucrative (and privatized). This really opens up an opportunity for new and innovative companies to take advantage of a huge market. As science moves forward, so must the infrastructure that facilitates the funding of that progress. This image from the project’s whitepaper really puts into perspective the size of the market they are targeting:

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 1.39.34 AM.png



Using the SNcoin platform, the public would be able to fund projects based on need, merit, and qualifications. The public will be able to help decide which projects are necessary through the crowdfunding process. A decentralized and transparent funding platform is long overdue in the scientific community, and if ScientificCoin can capitalize on even a fraction of this gigantic industry, the potential upside is huge.

In addition to being a decentralized platform for scientific crowdfunding, the SNcoin platform also provides a place where good projects can get exposure. This means that project leaders can focus more time on the project, and less time finding and soliciting potential investors.

ScientificCoin has formulated a plan for token distribution that we find really interesting. Part of their token allotment will be distributed to students around the world to provide the future of science with a way to significantly impact the funding for deserving scientific projects. This is truly a revolutionary concept, as they are giving future professionals a true voice in the industry they are about to enter.

Though the crowdfunding of scientific projects seems to be the most marketable aspect of the SNcoin platform, it’s most certainly not the only remarkable feature. They also plan on creating an online university that will contain tutorials and educational material. This, they hope will foster a community comprised of knowledgeable, qualified individuals engaging in meaningful conversation about the topics at hand in the scientific community.

The final feature of the ScientificCoin platform aims to be the freelance marketplace. The SNcoin platform will provide an area for projects in need to connect with the professionals that can satisfy those needs. This is sure to be popular with professionals in need of employment or professionals who want the freedom of offering their services via freelance.

We are happy to feature ScientificCoin as our Coin of the Day. CoinFeature is very impressed with the vision, execution, and focus of the SNcoin team, and we hope to feature them again someday!

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