Coin of the Day: FinanceX (FNX)

Today’s Coin of the Day is the FinanceX token, FNX. FinanceX is a fiat-to-crypto exchange that is currently in the ICO stage of its launch. The exchange is targeting the Asian markets, which contain the highest number of crypto investors and has proven to be a very lucrative market for blockchain projects. Though Asia is already a huge market, FinanceX is projecting an even higher spike in the adoption rate of cryptocurrency in those locations. With this surge of potential users, the demand for a legitimate, robust exchange inevitably rises. Taking advantage of this rising tide of cryptocurrency investors will require organization, professionalism, and a well-developed platform. That is what FinanceX plans to deliver.

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We all know that exchange tokens can be wildly successful. Take BNB, for instance. BinanceCoin is the native coin of the Binance exchange, and it is one of the most valuable cryptos in existence. But this only works if the exchange delivers on all of its development goals and succeeds in marketing. Binance is primarily targeted at United States users, which is a big market, but not the biggest out there. FinanceX is targeting the largest cryptocurrency market in the world, which means the upside for their token is gigantic. Not only will FinanceX be capitalizing on a larger market, but they are also making the exchange fiat friendly. FinanceX will accept fiat deposits from the official currencies of the many countries it will serve. They will also be making it convenient for users by providing several deposit methods. This solves a huge problem in exchanges and lowers the barrier of entry for the average investor. One day very soon, FinanceX may be known as the easiest to use cryptocurrency exchange in Asia.

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Aside from the outstanding practicality and convenience that FinanceX will be providing, they’ve also delivered a sleek, easy user interface that will attract professional investors and significant volume to the exchange. This is an often underrated and under-appreciated aspect of exchanges, but it’s incredibly important to provide an environment that is simple enough to be used by newcomers, yet robust enough to attract professional and institutional investors.

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Unlike a lot of ICOs, FinanceX is not selling an idea. They have already delivered a unique and functioning product. They have a revenue model and a professional, accessible team. They have the right plan for the right market. There is plenty of upside for this project and just glancing at the roadmap can show you how big this project can be.

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CoinFeature is happy to announce FNX as the Coin of the Day, and we’d like to wish luck to the FinanceX team. They have done amazing things so far, and we look forward to seeing what else they deliver in the future.

For information on the FinanceX project, please see the following links:

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