Coin of the Day: GinCoin

Today’s Coin of the Day is GinCoin, a project that makes masternode investing faster, simpler, and more approachable to the average investor. GIN originated in February of this year and ever since it has been a very popular masternode project. What the GinCoin team has done so far is very impressive and deserves recognition. We are happy to feature them today!

From a Developer’s Perspective

GinCoin appears to have done something previously not done–and they have done it elegantly and with great success. They have made masternode setups effortless through their platform. This provides an avenue for the inexperienced to enter the world of masternode investing. GIN is a PoW/Masternode coin with a total supply of 10,500,000 and a masternode collateral of 1,000.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 2.03.51 PM.png



From an Investor’s Perspective

What GinCoin has done is obviously impressive and trailblazing from a development standpoint, but their success from an investor’s perspective might be more impressive. They have successfully created a platform that appeals to the masses, and has gained significant attention as masternodes have become more popular. They’ve also made an addition to their platform an actual catalyst for other coins. When other masternodes gain GinCoin support, it invokes confidence from the community that the developers are serious, and care about taking their coin more mainstream by decreasing the difficulty of masternode setup. As we endure this crypto bear market, GIN seems to be a great value buy. The price is a long ways from the all-time high, and masternodes only continue to become a more popular investment in the upcoming recovery. GinCoin has really created a staple in the crypto community and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. This bodes very well for the price, especially if we see a deep altcoin run this winter.


We thank GinCoin for their work, which has improved the masternode community as a whole. We wish them luck in their future ventures and hope to feature them again!

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