Coin of the Day: Hanacoin

Today’s Coin of the Day is Hanacoin (HANA). Hanacoin aims to become the premier transactional digital cash, with zero to minimal fees. They’ve also stated a goal of not being taken over or controlled by centralized mining, as Bitcoin and other coins have.

From a Developer’s Perspective

The Hanacoin team says that HANA will be resistant to large mining operations taking control over development. This is important for them because they want the community to be able to decide changes in Hanacoin’s code without being overruled by a private financially-motivated mining company. The total supply of HANA is 122,500,000.

From an Investor’s Perspective

Hanacoin is already on CryptoBridge, and is up-to-date on wallet releases. They also have an active marketing campaign in addition to a good-looking website and active development team. Here’s a screenshot from their 2018 roadmap:

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 4.22.57 PM.png


It’s always smart to invest in multiple coins within each industry, to increase your chances of catching one that survives. Hanacoin appears to have a good development team, clear team vision, and focused marketing effort, which could make HANA a big success.

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