Coin of the Day: Wealth Silo

Today’s Coin of the Day is Wealth Silo (WEALTH). Wealth Silo is a project aimed at making masternode investing simple, easy, and affordable. The mission of this project includes making the public more aware of masternodes and their benefits–both fiscally and ecologically.

From a Developer’s Perspective

WEALTH is a coin with a total supply of 21,000,000 and a premine of 3%. It is a POS/masternode coin with a block time of 60 seconds and masternode collateral of 1,000 WEALTH. Wealth Silo wants to build infrastructure around their coin to make it an integral part of a person’s life. Those plans include things like a WEALTH card, WEALTH loan service, and WEALTH bank, among other things.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 10.10.49 PM.png



From an Investor’s Perspective

WEALTH is not yet on an exchange, but they are in presale for masternodes in their Discord. The Wealth Silo team seems to have a cohesive strategy, focused marketing effort, and committed community. These are three ingredients for a successful project. Though they have done a great job so far, the true test of this project will be whether or not they deliver on their development goals. If they do, WEALTH could become an incredibly desirable masternode to own for passive income, not to mention the giant price increase that could result from those development milestones being achieved.


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