Coin of the Day: AllSafe2

Today’s Coin of the Day is AllSafe2. AllSafe2 was originally AllSafe, but performed a swap before being abandoned by the developer for the second time. The AllSafe2 community has persisted through inconsistency in the development team, abandonment, and uncertainty. We’ve decided to feature them today to reward that persistence and help to spread the word about this project.

From a Developer’s Perspective

AllSafe2 has a max supply of only 15,000,000 ASAFE2 and has a sustainable, 15% POS ROI built-in. The network has a block time of 60 seconds and transactions require 15 confirmations. AllSafe2 is targeting the CyberSecurity industry, something that can surely resonate with the cryptocurrency community. Though the community is eagerly awaiting an updated development roadmap, they are confident that the new development team will deliver a functional, fast, and robust product to the marketplace.

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 12.20.55 PM.png



From an Investor’s Perspective

The ASAFE2 team is actively working on marketing at the moment. As of now, they are listed on Escodex and Bitexbay, two up-and-coming exchanges that should provide ASAFE2 price with some good volume and liquidity. They have a solid, but sustainable POS ROI and an active dev team who is working on the project. AllSafe2 is definitely an intriguing project to keep an eye on.


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