Coin of the Day: 401kCoin

Today’s Coin of the Day is 401k Coin, an project aiming at providing a stable retirement plan for their investors. 401k is a masternode/POS coin and the team has been working hard at creating a stable masternode coin with long term value.

From a Developer’s Perspective

401k Coin has a max supply of 25,000,000 and a premine of 1,500,000. The block time is 2 minutes and the masternode/POS reward split is 75/25. Max supply for 401k won’t be reached in 100+ years, and it’s clear that the developers created this coin for long term growth. Masternode collateral for 401k is 5,000 coins. The retirement integration is really what’s going to separate 401k from other masternode coins. In this market climate, investors are flocking to long-term passive income cryptocurrencies, and 401k will inevitably draw some of that attention.

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From an Investor’s Perspective

401k has done one of the best jobs I can remember as far as marketing goes. They have done an incredible job hosting giveaways, bounties, and other activities that enhance community engagement. This type of activity increases Discord membership, wallet downloads, and general interest in the project. The marketing side of this project has been perfectly executed and everyone on the 401k team should be extremely proud of the job they’ve done.

In a lot of our articles, we stress the importance of catalysts for price. 401k has been pegged by the presale at a price near 75 cents USD, and is going to be added to CryptoBridge in a matter of days (listing already paid). CryptoBridge is a great first exchange to be on and will provide good liquidity and volume.

The 401k team has taken all the right steps and has all the right tools to make this project a huge success, and we are very excited to see what the long-term future holds for 401k Coin.

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