Coin of the Day: TittieCoin

Today’s Coin of the Day is TittieCoin (TTC). TittieCoin V2.0 is currently in masternode presale and it’s a coin that has notoriety, marketability, and strong infrastructure already in place. Because of it’s unique name and mission, it also has a very strong following and loyal community. The TittieCoin project is fun, fast, and surprisingly viable.

From a Developer’s Perspective

TTC is a masternode/POS coin with a masternode collateral of 7,500,000 and a 1 minute block time. TTC V2.0 also has privacy features. The Development team has been working hard to facilitate a coin swap from the original TittieCoin to TittieCoin V2.0, and it has been going very smoothly thanks to the hard work and dedication of the team and the community. Crex24 has already expressed support for the wallet update, and the TittieCoin team expects Cryptopia and Yobit to both follow suit. At the moment, you can CPU mine TTC from your local wallet. The temporary low difficulty allows for anyone to generate small amounts of TTC right from their computer.

From an Investor’s Perspective

TittieCoin, for some, is a project that is hard to take seriously. But CoinFeature thinks that TTC will stand the test of time. TittieCoin is easy to market, has a close following, and is already on three notable exchanges. Cryptopia, Yobit, and Crex24 have all listed TittieCoin and the team projects that all of those exchanges will update their wallets. All of those exchanges are great sources of exposure and volume, and will definitely help the TTC price. At the moment, TittieCoin masternodes are selling for .3 BTC. The high collateral and low current price means that TTC has very high upside and could become a very desirable masternode to run. Furthermore, TTC is kicking off a vigorous marketing campaign and other initiatives to let the community know that development is active and progressing nicely. They will also have the whitepaper release soon.

Screen Shot 2018-08-17 at 8.39.35 PM.png

TittieCoin has catalysts, notoriety, and name recognition. The coin is now in demand and the developer’s are doing great work with the end goal in mind of making Tittie Island reality.

We are happy to feature TittieCoin as the Coin of the Day, and look forward to tracking their success.

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