Coin of the Day: LogisCoin

Today’s Coin of the Day is LogisCoin (LGS). The LogisCoin team has been doing great work on both the development and marketing side of their project, and we are happy to feature them today!


From a Developer’s Perspective

LGS is a masternode/POS coin with a total supply of 21,000,000 LGS and a masternode collateral of 10,000 LGS. The block time is 60 seconds and the premine was 197,000 LGS. The LogisCoin team aims to use their technology in conjunction with their coin to make the shipping and logistics industry more efficient, cost-effective, and safe. As many have observed, blockchain technology has far more practical applications than just online currency. Blockchain technology can be applied to many industries to help track inventory including raw goods, retail products, and food.

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Yes, many different coins are competing in this space, but not many have the resources or the manpower to pull it off and really make an impact. The LogisCoin team is focused, professional, and efficient, and they have a great chance of really making an impact in the worldwide logistics industry.


From an Investor’s Perspective

As we know, catalysts are important for the price of any coin. Fortunately, the LogisCoin team has a comprehensive roadmap which includes exchange listings and other big, but attainable goals.

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As you can see, the LGS team wants to accomplish a great deal of significant tasks in the next three stages of their roadmap. Another factor that should inspire confident in the LGS team is the fact that many of the developers are from the LightPayCoin project, a wildly successful POS/masternode currency. The LGS has a good chance of achieving the same level of success. The LGS discord gives very frequent updates and is already listed on CoinMarketCap, a great listing service to gain them really good exposure. We see no reason to believe that LGS will not succeed. They have an excellent community, experienced developers, and the proper infrastructure in place that is required to succeed.

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