Coin of the Day: Printex

Today’s Coin of the Day is Printex (PRTX). Yes, coins can be featured more than once–especially those who deliver and produce incredible progress. Today we are featuring Printex for the second time. For those unfamiliar, Printex is a project developing an online printing platform that, when finished, will allow individuals to open their own e-store using blockchain technology to facilitate fast, secure, and reliable transactions.


From a Developer’s Perspective

Printex is a proof-of-stake coin with a max supply of just over 55 million PRTX and a masternode collateral of 10 thousand PRTX. They had a premine of 475 thousand PRTX. Printex wants to use their coin to facilitate transactions on their platform. Using blockchain technology for this instead of traditional payment processors makes sense–it will be faster, more secure, and more reliable. This enables the whole process to be more efficient which results in faster deliveries and turn-around times.


From an Investor’s Perspective

We at CoinFeature really like Printex as an investment because we believe that it connects business with the blockchain really well. The Printex store will charge PRTX for the goods and services on the platform, which creates a demand for the coin on the exchanges. That constant buy pressure will really help sustain the price. Since the coins can be redeemed for actual products, that essentially makes a masternode a money-printing machine for as long as Printex stays viable. The printing industry is huge, and if Printex can capitalize on even a fraction of that, Printex will stay profitable and grow rapidly for years to come. The Printex team has made a fantastic website (being released soon) and has integrated everything beautifully. There’s no clear weakness in this project that would turn off any potential investor. We believe that a PRTX masternode is still cheap, and would pay for itself very quickly. Let’s take a look at the numbers.

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A PRTX masternode pays for itself in just under two months. After that, you own a masternode that could net you thousands of dollars in bitcoin, clothing, or more PRTX! Everyone knows that the markets have not been doing well lately, so CoinFeature believes that a crypto that can purchase physical goods on a platform so easily is a solid bear market acquisition.

PRTX is listed on CryptoBridge at the moment, and will be live on Escodex in the coming days. They also have a website launch in two days and an increase in MN collateral coming soon. There are plenty of catalysts for the PRTX price.

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