Coin of the Day: XDNA

Today’s Coin of the Day is XDNA. XDNA is a young project that has accomplished a lot in a short amount of time. We at CoinFeature love the efficiently, professionalism, and dedication that the XDNA team has put on display.


From a Developer’s Perspective

XDNA is a PoW/POS coin with a low premine (.7%) and high capability for transactions. XDNA outlines several problems that it believes other digital cash cryptos have in their whitepaper and aims to solve each of them with innovative solutions that they have applied to their coin. Among the problems they state are high premines, high masternode cost, corruption in the reward structure, and long transaction confirmations. To solve the transaction time issue, XDNA has a block time of 60 seconds and 6 confirmations are needed for transaction validation. There is no concern about a high premine, because XDNA developers have only taken .7% of the supply to pay for development, marketing, and other fees that arise. To combat problems with the rewards structure of masternodes, they are implementing a 3-tier system, with each tier requiring a different amount of coins to operate.

Here’s an excerpt from their whitepaper:

“Relying only on the most advanced aspects of the world leading cryptocurrencies, we propose to use masternodes to ensure network stability. However, given the experience of creating and using masternodes in different projects, we put harmony between miners and investors’ wishes and possibilities on the first place at XDNA. To make it possible for everyone to set up a masternode, we have developed three types of them. Each type takes a different amount of XDNA and brings a variety of income. This system is called T.N.T. – TripleNodeTechnology.

1. Light Node – requires 1,000 XDNA. 2. Medium Node – requires 3,000 XDNA. 3. Full Node – requires 5,000 XDNA.”

XDNA has capable team, solid plan, and innovative idea for creating a superb digital cash option.


From an Investor’s Perspective

The first spot that we want to begin at when analyzing any masternode coin is Masternodes.Online. Here are how the three different tiers of XDNA nodes are doing:


You can see here that the price is holding well, the ROI is lucrative, but sustainable, and the tiered system makes masternode ownership accessible for both large and small investors. We really like XDNA as an investment because the development is very solid, with frequent updates coming to the community, as well as the fact that their model is sustainable and well-planned.

If you are interested in learning more about XDNA, please visit their Discord.

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