Coin of the Day: x42

Today’s Coin of the Day is x42, a proof-of-stake that is based on the Stratis platform, but is not a fork. x42 is taking aim at a market that is expensive, inefficient, and bogged down by the current system: the deployment of applications. The process of developing and releasing innovative applications has become costly and slow, a problem that x42 plans to tackle.

From a Developer’s Perspective

Using the x42 protocol would enable developers to spend more time and money on the actual product rather than all of the costs associated with marketing and launching an application through more traditional avenues.

Here’s an excerpt from their whitepaper:

The platform itself allows for near infinite freedom when it comes to publishing, creating an environment where DApps can be posted on our blockchain easily and hosted by other node owners, allowing for decentralized processing of the various applications published to x42 side blockchains.”

x42 will be utilizing proof-of-stake (masternodes will be implemented in quarter 4) for validation due to the amount of energy and equipment it saves as compared to mining. As stated in their whitepaper, 1000 x42 minimum will be required for masternode ownership, with other tiers requiring progressively higher amounts.

We especially like x42 at CoinFeature because their mission is similar to ours. We both want to ensure that true innovation shines. x42 is a project of true innovation, and they will help others do the same by using their network.


From an Investor’s Perspective

x42 is not currently available on any exchange, so to get their coin, you’ll need to see if someone in their Discord is willing to sell it or participate in bounties and giveaways. Just by taking a quick peek at their trading channel, people don’t seem willing to part with their x42 for very cheap at all. Their community is very devoted and clearly believe in the project long-term. For this reason alone, we believe the price will gain significant support when it does hit an exchange, and there will be a large demand for the required amount for a masternode. We expect x42 masternodes to be very popular and also somewhat expensive, so a well-timed purchase of x42 seems to be a good investment.

The x42 team is active, motivated, and skilled, which also means that an x42 investment looks like it could be very secure and stable. We do not know what price x42 will open at on exchanges, but we do know that from an Investor’s Perspective, x42 has the potential for very high upside and the infrastructure for very low downside.

x42 is currently up for vote on Aiodex! Visit this link to vote:

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