Coin of the Day: AED

Today’s coin of the day is Dirham Coin (AED). Dirham coin is bringing a refreshing new approach to the staking and masternode community. As we all know, a staking coin generally offers rewards to both stakers and masternode owners. The traditional system allows masternode owners to gain a stranglehold on the supply of a coin and in some cases that can stifle growth. With Dirham Coin’s new dynamic rewards, they aim to put an end to that.

Dirham Coin has created a dynamic reward system that encourages staking on their network instead of only incentivizing masternode ownership. Not only will this make the network more secure, but it will also ensure that investors with all different sizes of resources can participate in their rewards system. This enables a more evenly distributed coin supply and disallows masternode holders from controlling and possibly dumping the price of a coin.

AED does this through automatically adjusted rewards distribution. When the network has too many masternodes, it will increase rewards to staking. The inverse is also true. When there is not enough masternodes being operated, rewards to masternodes will increase, incentivizing masternode ownership. I believe that this will work well for Dirham, and that their new system will result in a more stable price for investors.

Dirham Coin is still currently in its presale, with a few masternodes only left at their price of .3 BTC. They have done an exceptional job raising funds and garnering community support to ensure the success of their project.

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