Project of the Day: Printex


A complete ecosystem of printing solutions

Printex is the new generation of decentralized printing solutions for all your items. Nowadays, printing is at the heart of many daily needs. Companies and professionals are using it for advertising, trademark, merchandising, and so on. Individuals are using printing items during celebrations, parties, decoration and customizing useful things.
All the tools of our platform are designed to stimulate your creativity while designing your design or your trademark on some fabrics, banners, ceramics, or any other advertising materials. Everything is done to bring you inspiration in order to express the best side of yourself, and if you are lacking ideas, you can always rely on us.
Printing requires some material and some conceptual background work. We offer you a unique ready to use printing solution, with counselling, designing, production and payment tools for your prints on the material you chose for a fraction of the cost.
Furthermore, our innovative platform is available everywhere around the world, thanks to the unique association of one printing solution with the blockchain technology.

Printex, the cryptocurrency based on the blockchain

Our printing solution is linked to the cryptocurrency with the same name, based on the blockchain. Printex is both a payment method allowing to purchase some services, goods and investment shares. In fact, transactions on our platform are made with Printex coin. The high solicitations for available printing solution feed the exponential growth of the Printex network. The continuous development of our community is a warranty of the strength of our digital currency.
So, the more solicitations of ecological printing solutions there are, the more the investment in Printex products increase. This factor contributes to the increasing trend of the share. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, the possibility to invest directly by buying PTRX master nodes is one of the driving forces of the dynamic of this financial product.
Thanks to the blockchain, this cryptocurrency is independent from the centralized fiduciary system and is available all around the world. With any currencies, you can buy Printex coin to immediately make some secure and reliable operations on our platform and with our associates. Our mission is to offer you a unique product linking conception, design, production and funding of item printing through innovations.

How does it work?

Printex works both as a currency and as a traditional share. When you buy a PRTX master node with a good or a service, you are exchange your currencies for Printex coins. Each investment strengthens, expands and stabilise the cryptocurrency network. Also, the PRTX master node creates a daily added value, called ROI with the constant growth of the community. This added value is paid with Printex coins usable to buy goods and services on our platform or from our associates.

Investing in Printex

PTRX and ROI coins are cryptocurrency units secured by the Printex community and ecosystem. Its global network is a factor which democratizes the access to this cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency can be bought directly on our platform or through our associates, investors, experts or traders. You just need to get any currency to invest by buying directly coins or by buying indirectly Printex goods or services.

Some exclusive advantages

One concept, 2 platforms

Printex is an ecological printing solution gathering three complementary and separate platforms.

¬ The textile & goodies product platform (T-shirts, Sweat-shirts, linen, baby clothes, mug, covers, caps …)

¬ The 3D printing products platform.

Our goal is to provide you with the require tools and advices in order to created extraordinary products with some graphs and/or sample done beforehand. You can produce some prints on any kind of material and you can get delivery everywhere around the world.

Both an ecosystem and a cryptocurrency

Thanks to the blockchain, Printex coin is a secured and reliable digital currency based on the high and regular solicitation of printing solution from companies and individuals. Its advantage is :
¬ Generating significant revenues for the investors and the shareholders.
¬ Being a share with a huge and real ecological service market and printed goods,
¬ Being a decentralized cryptocurrency which avoid the transaction fees occurring between different currencies.
¬ Ensuring the safety, the rapidness and the flexibility of your transactions.
¬ Allowing to produce high quality prints on any material at a fraction of the cost.

A decentralized service near your home

Blockchain is even used while covering the orders. Each product order made on the Printex network is processed by our associate the nearest from your home. Even if you order on our main platform, your delivery is immediately handled by our best associate near your home.

Always here for you

For us, at Printex, the excellency of the service is as important as the quality of our products. That’s why our team exerts to work with our entire community. We are relying on our social networks to answer quickly any of your concerns. You just need to reach us on Twitter; Facebook, Bitcointalk, Discord, etc. All your comments are taken into account.

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