Q&A With Aquila Project Developer Mark299

Yesterday I conducted a short interview with an Aquila project developer via Discord. Please enjoy!

Q: Has Aquila always had the mission of helping other projects in distress or was that goal something that was adopted after the founder departed?

A: Aquila was a project with a lot of promise. Many investors including the current admins invested in the project and were devastated to see the original developers leave the scene and make the coin worthless. This was not an isolated incident, during the same week we had several projects, witness the same fate. The thought that a block chain cryptocurrency technology which had the concept of open source and community driven could not be sustained when a single person left the scene was something we could not digest. This was the primary reason we wanted to do something about it. We strongly believed that the community could sustain and drive a project vision when like-minded people devoted their time and effort for a common cause. We started our own coin revival story, which is well known now and soon found many other projects asking for help; which led us to our vision of helping communities and driving a positive change in this space.



Q: Do you havea an estimated time for the release of your voting platform for masternode holders?

A: We are currently working on the development of the Aquila Community Platform (ACP). We will be very soon providing the community with early mockups and concept design. I anticipate the beta version of the platform to be ready within 4 – 6 weeks.



Q: What is the most immediate development goal for the Aquila team?

A: Apart from the ACP Platform we are also working on a secret platform, which will be a big surprise for our investors and the entire community. We want to keep this a closely guarded secret until we are well progressed with its development, as we see a huge potential. At this stage I can tell you that it would be a platform that potentially all people in the crypto space could make use off and not just in the masternode space, which means our exposure and demand for the platform will be much larger. Secondly the platform will also operate using AQX coins for any transactions.



Q: What kind of impact do you see Aquila having on the crypto community, specifically the masternode and proof-of-stake community?

A: We have heard of coin jaintor and the likes who have in the past seen the issue of many dead digital coins and found a way to clean the space. We on the other hand would not just mop a dead coin; but revive and help sustain such coins providing these communities their hopes back. If the community faces such prospects in the future, and still have a good use case and a strong community, help is available in the form of Aquila.



Q: What kind of resources will Aquila help to provide to projects in distress?

A: Each project is different and would require different type of support. Keeping this in mind our ACP platform will have a place where coins or communities that require support can submit an application. They will provide us details on their current situation. This will be evaluated by out team, and once the initial evaluation is done, a further meeting will be organised with the relevant members of the community; based on the output of these discussions the Aquila team will propose a support package that is suitable to the individual project situation. Aquila team will have resources that include Block chain experts, coding and programming developers, graphics designers, community managers, moderators, Marketing specialists, content writers, social media experts etc.


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