Aquila Project: The True Value

In my last post about Aquila (AQX), I emphasized the positive impact that the project could have on small cap crypto projects. But what gives holding the masternode value? Sure, we all want crypto to succeed, and we all want small projects to thrive and keep innovating. But for a lot of us, the driving force behind our involvement in crypto is to increase our wealth, whether it be crypto wealth or US dollar wealth. So while you may be supportive of Aquila, you might be asking yourself why the masternode has value. I have the answer for you.

We know that Aquila will be salvaging projects that have been abandoned and helping to give them the resources to succeed. In return, Aquila will be in possession of some of the tokens. As a masternode holder, you have access to privileged information. You know which projects are going to receive help and which ones aren’t. In fact, you help decide which ones they are. If Aquila is going to be helping out a project that you happen to like and want to invest in, this gives you an opportunity to obtain coins at extremely low prices before the revival of the project. We have all seen the impact that an active developer and marketing team can have on a small cap coin, so the possible financial benefits of being a masternode holder are huge, in addition to the great ROI of the project.

Finally, I want to talk about the masternode value itself. Aquila has a hands on approach to their business model and through their organized community takeovers, they will be meeting hundreds or thousands of masternode investors. The exposure gained just by grassroots communication is going to be huge. People who have been abandoned by developers are going to see the Aquila project and how professional, organized, active, and viable the project is and of course they’re going to want to buy the coin and get a masternode. This will put natural buying pressure on the market and drive up the price of a masternode.

AQX is the project in my masternode portfolio that I am most excited about by far. I’m expecting a great return on my investment and invaluable networking connections through our communication with other projects.

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