Aquila Project: The Biggest Community

Today, I want to talk about Aquila (AQX). I came across this project while screening Masternodes.Online for solid projects to invest in. Very rarely do I discover something that actually has a use case and growth potential, but Aquila has just that. Like many masternode projects, Aquila was once abandoned by the original development team. This is a really common occurrence in micro cap coins. Sometimes the developers grow bored, other times it’s a scam to steal the premine portion of the funds. Either way, it leaves investors confused, scared, and in many cases it deters people from continuing to invest in cryptocurrency and the technology that gets built in this space. Nobody can contest that overall, these types of projects are a detriment to the community and our image. What is up for debate is what we can do about it. That’s where Aquila comes in.

Like I said before, Aquila was once abandoned by the developers who created it. The community took over control of the project and it rose from the ashes to be where it is today. Aquila is now a community to help other communities. They identify projects that have promise, but need help coming back from developer abandonment or price destruction. When the Aquila platform is finished, projects in distress will be able to apply for support and Aquila masternode owners will be able to vote for which projects they want to help. Support from the Aquila team will come in the form of consulting, organization, funds, marketing, and development assistance. Aquila will take a cut of the new project premine and continue to guide the project along the right path.

Aquila knows how to revive a project that has true potential. Every person in the Aquila community knows what it’s like to be betrayed by a team. Instead of turning that into bitterness and discouragement, they have chosen to help other people in the same situation and to help cryptocurrency become more investable, trustworthy, and viable. The Aquila community truly is the biggest community because it includes so many other former communities, current communities, and future communities. I am really looking forward to seeing what the Aquila has in store for the future and how many good projects stay afloat because of their help.

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