GenesisX Masternode Review

Hello everyone! Today I want to take a look at XGS (GenesisX) and how it merits as an investment and project. A few days ago I became familiar with this coin and I must say that so far I am impressed. First, let’s go into what makes it a great masternode. As of current prices, here’s the ROI information:


It has a yearly ROI of nearly 1500% which puts you back in the black in just 26 days after you purchase your masternode. I know what you’re thinking, though. Yes, high ROI masternode coins tend to lose value very quickly. Let me explain why I believe that GenesisX is an exception to that generalization. Though the ROI on this masternode is very high and thus the circulating supply is increasing by the day, the order books have held fast with support. I believe this is because of the GenesisX team and how devoted they are to their project. They are not just a high ROI masternode coin with an absent developer team and no utility for their token. GenesisX is developing technology and their community fosters innovation. Their team is not anonymous. They are not cartoon characters. They are real business people with a real plan and real utility.

Not only do I think that XGS is a good investment from the get-go, I think it will be solid in the months to come. We are on a retracement from some very positive price action so if ever there was a time to BTFD, now seems to be it. It’s also getting hyped on social media quite a bit by notorious and reputable crypto investors. This is only an introduction to XGS and I will definitely have more articles in the future, but for now I really believe in this project, the team, and the community. If you are interested in the GenesisX project, feel free to check them out here:

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