Q&A With Marble Coin Developer Jon

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the lead developers on the Marble Coin project. I previously published a post about MARCO and its masternodes. To me this project is really promising. The community and the developers are active and committed to making this work and I think that a MARCO masternode is a must-have in any masternode investor’s portfolio. Without further delay, here is our brief Q&A:


Q: One of the biggest barriers of entry to masternodes is to overcome a lack of technical knowledge. Do you see MARCO masternodes as being relatively easy to set up compared to others?

A: That’s hard for me to answer because I have done a few masternode installs and on some level they are basically all the same to me – especially if you are using an install script – the ‘old school’ was a PDF with about 20 to 30 copy and paste steps, so compared to way back when yeah a lot easier. I brought on Tpot because I liked his script from another coin and this was back in march when not all coins had install scripts and we viewed it as a big advantage to be “one click install”.  I definitely see growth potential in the MN hosting and Shared MN space hopefully I’ll have the privilege of announcing a project in this arena soon.



Q: You and your team obviously have a knack for finding and investing in masternodes. Would you say that masternodes have an important role in the future of crypto and crypto investing?

A: Thanks! All I can say for sure is Mining costs a lot of everything for pretty tiny returns (unless you’re manufacturing the equipment). Proof of Stake including nodes really seems a better alternative. One of the biggest barriers of entry to masternodes is to overcome a lack of technical knowledge. I’d like to add here that I think there is a big misconception that when you ‘buy a masternode’ your coins are gone like you really paid for the node or they think you cant unlock them when you want (this was me). You will always control your coins on your local wallet on your device. you can sell them whenever you want. I read ALOT of discord posts across hundreds of communities and these questions come up with frightening regularity – maybe we should stop using the term ‘buy a masternode’ because it’s really incorrect.



Q: When you are evaluating masternodes for possible investment, what would you say is the most important metric that you look at?

A: The first thing I look at is the chart because i have a Futures background, but I buy devs and communities.



Q: Do you see you and your team as the real product as opposed to the actual token and technology that comes with it?

A: I think most MN coins are basically DASH clones and if you are actually interested in making a successful coin you need to have a selling point – and ours is the BTC payout.



Q: What is the most immediate goal of the team as of now?

A: We are definitely making some big changes right now. One would be a shift in our investment strategy A close second to that is an update of the Wallet to lower inflation. Also we are looking more closely at dev teams of other projects we feel really have a viable business model.











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