Passive Income With Masternodes – XMX

Today I completed my second masternode. I chose XMX because of the low price and high ROI, which means that the risk is low and upside is high.

Here’s the specs on XMX:


The masternode cost me $239 and has a ROI of 240%. This isn’t the best ROI, but since the team seems strong and the cost is low, I see it as a great investment. The masternode cost is bound to go up over time so if I don’t make my money back through masternode rewards, I should get a decent ROI just from holding this coin.

As for the process: pretty smooth overall. The discord has a few really good helpers available to get you through the process. I did have a couple of hiccups, mostly due to me being new at setting up masternodes, but was helped through it fairly quickly. Their official guide could use some touching up and clarifying, but overall it was pretty good as well. The biggest barrier of entry to masternodes is how difficult or confusing it can sometimes be to set them up. That’s why it’s important that the coin you’re considering has a decent community and active developers to help you when you need it.

I’ll be updating my earnings as they come in.

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