Non-Crypto: Dow Jones Index

The skill of technical analysis transcends just cryptocurrency. The things that you learn charting coins can often also be applied to other, traditional markets. It’s good to get familiar with those markets because it can help you diversify and continue to earn money when one of your markets, like cryptocurrency, goes into a prolonged bear cycle. For this, I use 1Broker. With 1Broker you can deposit bitcoin and trade traditional markets using their platform. This includes stocks, currencies, indices, and commodities. I don’t trade these markets often, but sometimes a setup comes by that makes it hard to pass up.

Today, I’m looking at DJI.

DJI is in the process of a touch on the 4 hour bollinger band and both RSIs are very low. I entered this trade and I’m targeting a short term bounce for profit. I will update when I exit the trade and the factors that I look for when evaluating where to exit.

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