June Crypto Holds

The coins I’m holding this month are based on catalysts. The crypto market is definitely bearish until further notice so I am taking measures to mitigate risk by only holding coins with a good catalyst. I am holding only a few coins this month in addition to my masternode accumulation coins.


VEN – Mainnet scheduled for end of month. Heavily shilled on Twitter and Reddit and the chart has been holding up very well during the BTC bear run.

NXT – Has an airdrop snapshot on the 23rd. This one isn’t as big, but do you remember how hard NXT pumped the last time it had an airdrop?

CS – Mainnet launch by end of June or early July. Broken downward trend on the chart.

DADI – Mainnet launch end of month.

ONT – Mainnet launch end of month.


At the beginning of June I decided to accumulate 1 BTC of these coins combined and see how the fund does during the course of the month. So far, I am down 2.5% on that investment which I think is pretty good considering BTC’s performance over the past month. I chose my entries very carefully and responsibly scaled into each of my trades. As the catalysts get closer, I expect to reach a final gain of 20%+ to bring my balance to 1.2BTC. I plan to rinse and repeat and hopefully continue this strategy.

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