One of my goals for this year is to diversify my portfolio in a way that protects it from the volatility from cryptocurrency. Although I fully expect cryptocurrency to continue its uptrend for this year, it is important to be safe when dealing with such volatile assets. There are three ways I plan on doing this. Today, I’m going to tell you how I expect to execute this shift.

  1. Buying Precious Metals 

Diversifying into something stable is really important to me. I buy my gold and silver using Bitcoin from JMBullion. They ship quickly and are able to get pretty close to spot price.

2. Learning the Stock Market

I am able to trade stocks, commodities, and forex using Bitcoin at 1Broker. You can go long or short and also use leverage. Learning these markets is important to me, because crypto likely won’t be so lucrative forever.

3. Investing Using Robo-Advisors

Let the computer do the work. I will be shopping several automated investing platforms such as Wealthfront.  This way, I’ll earn passive income and growth on my investments and be able to start building a retirement and savings fund.


2017 was all about accumulation. 2018 for me is going to be about diversification and making sure that anything I earn will benefit my future in an efficient way while also being protected.

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