$SALT Update

I have exited my position on SALT. I recorded a decent profit, but wasn’t seeing a bounce that I liked following the other day’s spike. I may look to reenter this coin, because I think the platform has a lot of potential, but having it break out of a falling wedge/channel downwards was too bearish for me to continue holding. I’ll be watching closely, but for now I’m out. salt4hr.png

The 4 hour chart actually looks decent, but so far charting this coin hasn’t been going that well for me. The 4 hour RSI is on the way up and we did bounce off an established support during the market dump last night. I’d say things look overall okay for SALT, but I like to go for trades that I’m more confident in. I was able to nab a 15% profit on this coin by averaging down my entry and selling my high entries on the spike the other day.

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