$GUP Reentry

I called my exit from GUP before the market movement last night. I was able to get out with a slight profit. At that time, I made it known that I would be looking for a better reentry because I think this coin is bullish long term. Last night, I reentered GUP. I was able to get one entry at .0000715 BTC and another at .000074 BTC. Here’s a chart: gup4hr.png

The 4 hour RSI is way oversold and although we dropped below support last night briefly, we got a great bounce and I think that the upper support is still intact. I will obviously adjust as time goes on and things change, but for now I’m comfortable holding GUP until their two product launches later this month. If we break below .000074 BTC, I will be selling off my higher entry to get in at a lower price once again.

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