$SALT Update

SALT has been filling out a falling wedge for the past several hours. I think this is a good candidate to continue up after it’s wedge is complete.


As you can see, it’s about to complete a touch on the support for the falling wedge. This might be the last touch before it breaks upwards. The only thing that can stop this in my opinion would be a BTC bull run, which is entirely possible given the fact that BTC is near support and the closing of a triangle. As I’ve said before, I plan on selling SALT after the next leg up to free up some more BTC for other projects I’d like to invest in. If BTC does go on a bull run and alts bleed, SALT will be one that I dump immediately if it breaks wedge support. I plan on picking up some other alts if there is blood. I’ll post my entries on twitter if the time comes.

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