Coin Entry: $CAPP

Good evening! Tonight, I’m entering CAPP. I actually spotted this coin a while ago and started a small bag then. I sold some on the huge price increase and now I’m ready to buy again. We have had a significant retrace due to the BTC bull run and we look healthy to run again soon. Since this is a low cap coin and there is low liquidity in the market, I will have tight stop-losses and be watching the coin closely. Here’s a chart:


The 4 hour RSI has significantly cooled off. There is clear accumulation by looking at the volume.

CAPP is a coin that serves a unique part of the market that I don’t see a lot of coins trying to tackle: facilitating the transacting of digital and 3D property.

The main reason that I am buying this coin is because it has a large amount of catalysts coming this month. They have a partnership announcement on the 10th. They also have a couple big conferences during which they will be presenting to some big retail players. By the end of this month, they’ll be launching with Alibaba and also getting added to more exchanges. There’s a lot going on with this coin and there has already been premature accumulation recently. Luckily, this altcoin dip is letting us get a lot of great coins for a discounted price. Another very intriguing aspect of this coin is how much really has been stocked away by smart investors. A good 15% of the coin supply is being held by the top 10 addresses. That’s a clear sign that big, smart money has begun to move into this coin. Here’s a link to the rich list:

So there it is. This is my next play and I’m very confident in it rising soon. This won’t be a super long hold. I’ll be stashing this coin until the end of the month at the latest unless more news arises and I’ll also be practicing risk management and taking profits on the way up.


Good luck and thank you for reading!

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