$SALT Update

After breaking out of the falling wedge, SALT had a nice few hours when it looked like it would consolidate and continue its journey up. Unfortunately, BTC went on a run last night and hurt a lot of the alts. Days like today are exactly why getting good entries is so important. My SALT entry price was about .000008 BTC. Though it is unfortunate that I wasn’t able to sell at a profit following the break from the falling wedge, I am not down barely anything. At this point I am essentially breakeven. It looks like we may go down and touch the support if we don’t do a full bounce here. That’s fine with me, as I’ll probably add more at that point. I am comfortable holding SALT for a long period of time as it is a crypto that has a bright future and solves a major problem.

Here’s a chart: salt1hr

If we break the bottom support, I’ll be looking to exit at a slight loss and reenter at a better price.

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