$GUP Entry

Hello friends. Tonight I am entering Matchpool (GUP). GUP has a couple product releases this month and the TA is lining up well. It is also being shilled pretty actively on Twitter. Here is the 1 hour chart:


As you can see, we are resting on a potential support. The 1 hour RSI is near the floor. If we fall through this support, I will keep my position and add more on the lower, more established support. Because I am unsure if we will see an immediate bounce, I am going lighter into this trade than I usually do in case I need to add more on a decrease.

Here’s the 4 hour chart:


As you can see, the 4 hour RSI is also near-floored.

My first GUP entry is .000089 BTC. If we break support, my second entry will be .000080 BTC.


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